Curious Cat quilt for J.

Last December I planned to make a quilt for my cousin’s little girl J. She is two years older than my Little One and we received many cute and girly outgrown clothes and outfits from her that became the favorites of Little One.

It was entirely a secret which I only discussed with the grandma of J. (the sister of my mother). She gave me three hints: 1. I should use my stash. 2. the quilt should have girly colors 3. some cats on the quilt if it is possible. I think I did my best and accomplished all three requests.


First the fabric pull. Since she is a big city girl I thought of something elegant, not so scrappy. I had some pink and grey fabrics, but my first choice was the one with the cats. It fitted perfectly in my conception. Pink-grey and with lots of curious cats on the streets of Paris with the Eiffel-tower.



Then I cut all the fabrics needed and made a simple square pattern since I hadn’t got more time till Christmas for a more complicated pattern.


The moment I realized that the backing fabric is 2” narrower than the quilt top. Oops!


After a short time I figured out to cut 1” along each side of the top. It was the easiest solution and the quilt remains wide enough for covering a standard single bed.


I added a funny backing fabric since she is only 7 years old.


The cats do look really curious, don’t they?



The quilt was finished just two days before Christmas and was a big surprise for the young lady.


The quilt is here held by the grandpa of J. who came to our pine(wood) plantation to choose their Christmas tree.

Advent wreath wrapped in stripy scarf

This year I planned to make an entirely new design for our advent wreath.

dscn5105 I chose two balls of yarn from my stash and after measuring the wreath I knitted a striped rectangle in proper length and width, then covered the wreath in it.


Then I knitted separately a small striped ‘scarf’ with fringe I placed between the two candles in the front and decorated the wreath. All the little ornaments are fixed with stickpins.


The Santa Claus bean-sack was made last year.

Crochet hats and knitted Baktus scarf

In the last two months I started and slowly finished these winter hats and scarf for me.


I learned to crochet hats when I joined the needlework group I mentioned in my last post, so nothing could come into my way to make ones for myself. ( I’ve also received requests from my daughters and mom wants one crochet hat for Christmas too.)

dscn5067The grey one has a crochet flower that can be unbuttoned. But I like it better with the flower.
I was browsing through the web to find some very simple triangle shaped scarf pattern and I soon found Baktus (free pattern) on Ravelry.

dscn5071At the end I added a crochet lace border. I like it very much.

Knitting and crochet on good purpose

dscn4936 I participate in a needlework group where we knit and crochet on good purpose. Some ladies created this group two months ago. We gather once a month to share our knitting and crochet knowledge and make pretty things we can donate later.


Now our aim is to make little blankets, preemie hats and special amigurumi octopus for the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) in our local hospital. One of my newborn twins was in there for three weeks too, back then (eleven years ago).


So we decided to donate our needlework this Christmas to the NICU. We received special measurements requirements on the blankets and the amigurumi animals.

I made so far two baby blankets, two hats and four octopus that will be used in the incubators.



The purpose of the amigurumi octopus is that the little baby fingers should pick at the legs of the animal not the wires around them.


EPP hexagon place mat

During weekdays, when I eat my lunch alone, I usually sit at my desk browsing through and reading the news on my computer while eating. For a while I put a tea towel under my plate, but now I have a shiny new scrappy place mat for this purpose.

dscn4871 I picked some hexagons from the pile I pieced for the scrappy hexie quilt I’ve been working on for more than two years.


I didn’t want it to be fancy (no fashionable colors or patterns) or anything, I just hand pieced the hexies I had on hand.



Practicing free motion quilting again.


The back is cute.


I can use both sides of the place mat if I like.

My starflower – EPP

Sometime this spring I wanted to try out working with different shapes of EPP templates. I like hexies very much but this is something new.


I printed the templates first, then glued to the pages of an old big wall calendar and cut the pieces out.


Oh, yes, I’ve just realized that I am using the same fabrics again…. soon I’ll show you a place mat and a coaster in entirely different colors.



I had a strong conception on the pattern and fabrics I would use.


Although the result so far isn’t exactly that, what I imagined. I need more cheering bright colored ‘starflowers’.


Meanwhile my kids were designing some ‘scrappy trip’ quilt blocks.

Teacher’s quilt – a finished quilt

Ta-dah! The finished quilt:


The lights weren’t the best for photographing the quilt. Short after the photos were taken the rain fell down.


I really love how this quilt turned out.


The scrappy back.


My favorite is this piece of ‘school theme’ fabric.




I plan to make another quilt with hand prints of our family members, children, grandparents, etc. It would be a lovely memory quilt.

Hand print quilt – Teacher’s quilt

Summer is over, kids are back in school, the pantry shelves are full with jars of marmalade, jam, pickled vegetables, the chest freezer half full with frozen veggies and fruits, mostly harvested in our allotment. During the summer we worked a lot in and around our homestead and as a reward we made a family road trip to Germany and had fun with the kids.

Now back to sewing and quilting. Owing to the above mentioned reasons I had very little time for practicing my passion. When I had time I did some hand piecing or knitting in the evenings.


But now I show you some progress photos of the hand print quilt I made this spring and the recipient will have been using for months by now.

dscn3924  First I visited an art lesson in the school where I took all the children’s hand prints.


Then tried several layouts out until I found this appealing to me the best.



On the back I placed the name register, a quote, and an acknowledge, a short ‘thank you’ text in Hungarian for personalizing the quilt. Since she teaches literature and grammar too, I added some ‘spice’ by using a pink fabric marker ‘correcting the mistakes’ in the text.


Next time I show you the finished quilt.