Baba takaró / Baby quilt

Ezt az édes baba takarót Emilynek, középiskolai barátnőm nemrég született kislányának varrtam.

Nagyon egyszerű de számomra kedves mintával, négyzetek, és egy csillag ami a kis Emilyt jelképezi, legyen szülei szeme fénye, kis csillaga.

2013-14 331

I made this baby quilt two months ago for Emily, the first daugter of my high school mate.

Batting and backing…

2013-14 281


2013-14 288

Simple pattern: only squares and a single but not lonely star.

This little star is Emily for her mummy and daddy. In english you would say “the apple of her parents eyes”, in Hungary we use the words “she is her parents little shining star” or somthing like this.

2013-14 303

I thought about sewing her name in the star but then I decided not to do that for there could be later a little sister, so she could use this baby quilt too.  Or I would sew her another one.

2013-14 321

I really enjoy sewing baby quilts. It is soooo good we have a lot of young families around us so it’s always baby time somewhere near.

2013-14 333

I love sewing with these kind of colors, pink, rose, purple.

Honestly I always love my actual sewing projects whatever colors I use.



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