I sewed a lot in July!

This month – July – there were not many finished things: only a baby quilt, some small sewings for my dad and some mending.


I did work on my WIP-s. A lot.

My block report for this month:

  • 49 blocks: twinkle baby quilt (ready)
  • 12 blocks: log cabin (baby quilt)
  • 38 blocks: pinwheel (daughter quilt 1. )
  •   8 blocks: mini pinwheel
  • 24 blocks: twinkle star (daughter quilt 2. and 3.)
  • 21 blocks: nine patch (daughter quilt 2. and 3.)
  •   6 blocks: four patch (Kate’s quilt)
  •   2 blocks: scrappy squares (quilt mending)

Total: 160 blocks

Wow! I’ve never made so many blocks before within 30 days, never in my sewing life!

This blog helps me to keep things going on, and I have a straight line to follow, a schedule, a plan. It is like writing a diary. I have never been good in writing a diary, I’ve never had the patience for it, I tried several times, but my enthusiasm lasted not so long.

I know this time it is different. And I’m so happy therefore!


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