My very first Block of the Month I participate in

I am a bad sleeper. I can stay the half night awake and just thinking…about everything that come into my mind.

Yesterday I decided not to stay in bed but sit down to my table and have been sewing for a while on my sewing machine until my Husband came out and asked me to do something that was less noisy. All right, I turned the computer on and started looking for some hand piecing ideas. I found a lot of inspiring posts about how relaxing and quiet hand piecing can be.

Then I was spending more than an hour with arranging my 2 1/2″ squares for I decided to hand piece a postage stamp quilt. It would be a quiet and relaxing activity during my sleepless nights 🙂

And today…I read a post on one of my favourite blogs WeddingDressBlue, that there will be a free block of the month that starts in october.

SewSweetSimplicityBlockOfTheMonthSqButton300pixThis is Sew Sweet Simplicity by Jacquelynne Steves and her pattern caught my eyes for the first sight. The light bulb switched on above my head and I knew in that very moment that it will be the perfect chance and pattern for me to try out hand piecing. I decided to sew it all by hand.

This is the first BOM pattern I really like and found just in time to take part in. Thanks for Deanna. And Jacquelynne who created this wonderful pattern with a lot of work and enthusiasm.

I’m looking forward to starting my first BOM. 🙂


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