WIP – scrappy hexagon quilt

We have had a family friend with children as guests stayed with us for a week so there haven’t remained much time for sewing. Cooking everyday for eight person and the rest… In the few spare moments I had I worked on the scrappy hexagon quilt I started last September.

201507 126201505 080I even made a portable sewing kit for that purpose, which contains scissors, pins and needles, threads and the paper templates.

201505 079The state of the quilt two months ago.

201507 119201507 121I make now and then some hexagons and sew them together when I have a little time and don’t want to pull out any bigger sewing project to work on.

201507 114In one evening my girl found a little hedgehog in the garden and showed it to her sister who had been already in bed. After taking photos it was released in the garden again. So cute!




3 thoughts on “WIP – scrappy hexagon quilt

  1. Your hexagon quilt is so pretty! And the little hedgehog is cute! We don’t have them here in Ga of USA. We have armadillos, they aren’t so charming!😊

  2. wow this is quite an adventure … I bet there are so many fabrics that bring memories …. great stuff … I don’t expect anything else from you 🙂

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