Back after busy days

I am back. The last two months were very busy for me, I mean, in a good way. Since this blog is about quilts and sewing I won’t go into details, I ensure you we are all fine.

I had some time for sewing too, so I was able to start and even finish some quilts.

My progress since my last post: I have

  • turned two quilt tops into finished quilts (quilt tops finished last summer)
    • Plus Quilt in Blue Nr. 2.
    • Baby Boy Quilt – the one with the vehicle patterned fabric scraps
  • made one quilt top and back waiting for to be quilted and bound
    • Baby Girl Quilt for my friend’s twins
  • finsihed two Calico Rose quilt tops
  • sewn 3 dresses for me
    • the same pattern, different colours from knit and jersey fabrics
  • made some heart shaped lavender scent bags
  • made more and more epp hexagons for my two epp hexie projects
  • continued crocheting the Cosy Stripe blanket I started this year
  • started another crochet blanket in autumn colours
  • done some clothes mending for family members.

Photos yet need to be taken so I can show you the items above mentioned. But the next post is going to be about the successful project Giant Crochet Blanket 2015. I only need to select and pick the best photos I’m going to share with you.


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