Óriástakaró 2015 – Giant Blanket 2015

GiantBlanket1The facts in headwords:

GiantBlanket2The photos:

Just a few photos of the preparations: all the squares were crocheted together into small blankets for children.

GIantBlanket8One blanket consists of 6 squares.

GiantBlanket5Then the little blankets had been crocheted into rows and waited rolled up for the big day.

GiantBlanket6These pieces framed the crocheted “picture”.


GiantBlanket9GiantBlanket7GiantBlanket10Jigsaw puzzle.

GiantBlanket12Assembling the Giant Blanket.

GiantBlanket11The assembling process took the whole day, from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm. And all the week before hundreds of ladys were crocheting the 6-square-blankets together and then into rows.

My 30 pieces of crocheted granny squares are in there somewhere too 🙂 .

GiantBlanket3The picture created from the knitted and crocheted squares is a reproduction of a painting of Csákberény, the village where the event took place. You can see the original painting in the top right edge of the picture.

You can watch the Giant Blanket YouTube video here. It is worth watching because it is an aerial video taken by a drone and none of the photos above can give back the feeling of the event more than this aerial video where you can see the tiny people and the growing blanket.


I intentionally chose photos where people aren’t recognizable or where there isn’t any person at all in order to respect personal rights.

This is the first time I haven’t used my own photos in my blog. These photos are borrowed from the Óriástakaró FB group where I am a member.



6 thoughts on “Óriástakaró 2015 – Giant Blanket 2015

  1. unbelievable …. has blown me away … I expected it to be big …this is MAHOOSIVE! it must have been a real pleasure and honour to be part of it and see it happen 🙂 x

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