Mosaic baby quilt – a custom order

After sharing the photos of this baby quilt on my Facebook page I soon received a request from one of my former university classmates. She asked me whether I have time to make a baby quilt for her little girl, the same kind I made for my friend’s twins.  201510 098 Of course I immediately said yes, I always do have time for baby quilts!

201510 096The top is almost the same as the other baby quilt except some little details.

201510 097She let me choose the backing fabric too.

201510 101I made it in a two-week timeframe and mailed to her today. I hope the parcel arrives to her in a few days. I’ve already sent her some photos and she likes it very much.

201510 102I am so sorry I run out of the white-grey striped binding fabric that I can’t find now in the fabric shop either. I keep on searching. If I find it somewhere I will puchase a quantity from that fabric because it can be used so versatile.

The name ‘Mosaic baby quilt’ came today, while I was hoovering/vacuuming the carpet in the living room my thoughts were just streaming freely and in one certain moment the word ‘mosaic’ popped in my mind. So it became the Mosaic baby quilt.

201510 106


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