There are some cushions in progress. Small lavender cushions for Christmas, and two quilted cushions for tombola.

At this time of every year there is a dance/ball held in the school for the parents to meet and to have some fun but the main reason is to gather donation through selling entering tickets and tombola tickets and the collected money is used entirely on the kids (school trips, school events organized for the kids, Christmas gifts etc.)

You can see here the pillow I made last year on this purpose.

201511 044

I have nowadays little time for sewing or crocheting and even less time for my blog. There are so many things to do, running errands and so on (preparing for Daughter’s surgery, our dog lost and found a day later, autumn works around the house and on the fields, preparing for winter on our little farm, etc. – I intend to take some photos and show you one day where we live) and I am so tired at the end of the days to write blog posts or to hold a hook in my hand. Despite all the busyness here I try to show now and then some progress on my projects but I guess it will be like this till Christmas.

201511 039Lastly, this is a photo showing my girls playing the piano on a sunday morning Рin pajamas and before hair combing.


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