Patchwork cushions finished

After spending some days in hospital with my daughter (everything all right now) and another half a day at the dentist with same daughter (she received braces) I am back home and I am able to catch up with some housework and other things.

Here they are, the finished cushions.

201511 176

Although I prefer green in many ways, the blue one is my favourite this time. The bright blue colours catch my eyes.

201511 165

The pillows close with two buttons each. I forgot to take photos of the back of the green pillows but their backs are grey with the top matching green buttons.

201511 183

I made two green cushions because I made some mistake on the first (on the left) one – maybe only I can recognize it – and I didn’t want to donate a not so perfect pillow. If you wonder what is the imperfection on the quilted top I can tell you: one sewing line is a bit wonky and not as straight as I can accept from myself.

201511 160 The blue one again.


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