Doll diapers and other small things

Our Littlest attends to kindergarten, she is in the Hedgehog group. All the girls in the group like to play with dolls, I made therefore five doll diapers that the group is going to receive as Christmas presents. I asked the kindergarten teachers before and they found that it would be a wonderful idea.

201512 008

201512 039

201512 035

I made doll diapers before, you can see and find the source of the original pattern here.

201512 034

Besides I finished some small things that had been lying around for more than a year.

201512 030

The Santa needed to be stuffed. This time I used rice although it is a festive version of a bean-sack with which children can play. Last year I sewed more than 10 of them and this was the last one I haven’t finished. Unbelievable that I kept it as a UFO for a year, now it took me less than 10 minutes to stuff and sew the stuffing hole together.

The same happend with these other ornaments too.

201512 033

I also pieced a stuffed fabric cube for my cousin but forgot to take photos. I used the same blue and brown fabrics as I used here.

I have more plans to finish as many UFO-s as I can till X-mas and start the new year with clean and fresh mind and drawers. I know I have yet several quilts in progress but without the little distractions that these small unfinished items mean I will be able to focus on the other projects better. I wonder if there is a quilter who can say that she has no work in progress anymore and just has only one quilt she is working on at a time.


One thought on “Doll diapers and other small things

  1. The diapers are so cute! I really didn’t think there is a quilter with only one project in the making, if there is only one project going on ,it must be a beginner:)

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