Made for girls (doll diapers, soft cube, pillow)

I have at least eight projects to share, and have to decide with which one to start. This week I have been working on three things, two already finished and one work in progress. First the finished ones.

201512 134

One of the kindergarten teachers, who saw the doll diapers I made for my daughter’s group, asked me to make two for her granddaughter. I chose fabrics I liked the most and sewed these for her. She was so happy to have them.

Another request came from my cousin for whom I’ve made the soft cube-ball before.

201512 110

The first layout of the six sides of the cube. Meanwhile I changed some (many) of the squares.

201512 133 201512 126

With some lovely and funny prints.

201512 129 201512 130

She asked for a girlish coloured soft cube-ball and for a personalized pillow with the name of her friend’s daughter on it. She gave me some instruction and a photo what it should be like. I can say that I really liked the idea as it showed a scrappy pink-rose coloured pillow with a name panel.

201512 113

First I made a sketch on a paper how I would like to see the pattern. Then pulled out my pink, rose and light purple fabrics and scraps.

201512 139

201512 142

I measured then drawed the letters, the heart and the blossom, glued on cardboard, cut, chose fabric scraps, drawed around the template, cut and fixed onto the white panel of the pillow top.

201512 118

201512 143

201512 145

Ready to zig-zag stitch the letters and the two other apliqué patterns.

201512 148

I am ready to go on with this on Monday. Weekends are so busy with family issues and it is good so.


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