Simple crochet blanket

This is the crochet blanket I spend my evenings with when my husband is working. The pattern is very simple and I change colours after various numbers of rows. No strict plan to follow, I only settled the colours I use. I started this blanket back in September and wanted to use the colours of autumn from the yarn stash I have.

201512 107 When daughters’ piano lessons started in September, I had to wait for them in the school. I found an old, worn but comfortable couch in front of the classroom and thought that I could spend the time waiting for my kids with crocheting. I didn’t want to carry the by that time long grown Cosy Stripe blanket so I started a new one. This one. After the colour scheme of the Cosy Stripe I wanted to work with warm colours and a simple pattern I can start and stop any time.

201512 108

I shooted these photos in the evening in poor light conditions and when I look at the picture I don’t know what I like on this blanket, but it happens with me everytime, when I sew or crochet something there is a point when I am questioning the whole process – does it look good, do I like it, is is worth to go on with it? – but at the end these uneasy feelings fortunately fly away and I am mostly happy with the result.

The inspiration came from this pillow I sewed some time ago.

201408 141


2 thoughts on “Simple crochet blanket

  1. I think your blanket is lovely. I too, get those feeling when I’m making something, that’s when I do something different then come back to it for a fresh look.

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