Pincushion and mini quilt

I told you several times how I love the blue and brown fabrics I recently bought. I intend to use every scrap of them. From cutting the squares for the pillows there remained some scraps I planned to use either for a zipper pouch, cosmetic bag or a mini quilt.

201512 069

One evening I just felt like doing something without any goal. Just improvising. I took these scraps and started just sewing.

201512 071 201512 072

Later I decided to finish it up as a pincushion for me.

201512 075 201512 077 I replaced my several years old pincushion with it.

201512 066

201512 079

After the pincushion was finished in one sitting I started sewing the remaining scraps together. This is yet in progress but is going to be a mini quilt.

201512 082

Last year I received from my friend some lovely sewing related buttons that form scissors, needle, buttons etc. I would like to sew them on a mini quilt from the very start. Now the time came for this.

201512 083

I hope I can finish it this year but if still not I can live with it though.


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