Gifted quilts

As I was organizing my fabrics, notions, and sewing places and spaces and the wardrobe/closet where I keep the quilts not in use, I realized that I have far more quilts that we can actually use. And there are more quilts in progress that will increase the pile this year. Yes, it is very hard to part from my beloved quilts – although the two quilts went not too far – but I decided to give them away.

201512 333

The blue plus quilt went to my parent’s home, the green one went to my sister who now has got two green scrappy quilts (now enough to cover her and her husband). I gave her the first crocheted afghan I’ve ever made too.

I am happy to have homes for my quilts where they will be in daily use.


One thought on “Gifted quilts

  1. Those quilts will be enjoyed , I know! It is with mixed feelings to give away a quilt or something handmade because you put yourself into it. Handmade things are more special for that reason! 🙂

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