Finished quilt tops

I was working on these three quilt tops during the holidays.

201512 344

This one is from kind of fleece fabric scraps. It rested in the closet for more than a year and only needed one row of border fabric on each side of it. No more than half an hour sewing and I had another finished top. Here yet without the final border.

201512 345

There are 2″ squares used in the quilt top, it can be a warm, soft baby quilt. I know it isn’t fashionable or something, I only wanted to use up all the scraps I had and designed this pattern. You can see the scrappy rows between the nine patch blocks. First I settled the center block then arranged the blocks row by row around the center.

201512 351

The second is one of my two Calico Rose tops – this is the larger, made of 16 blocks – this too needed to be bordered.

201512 353

Here I was trying to figure out what kind of border I’d like to make.

201512 180

201512 183

The third wants to become a festive tablecloth one day, I hope this Christmas. I started this back in early December planned to finish it in time but I haven’t succeded. No matter, this time I have one whole year for it. It is made from all of my festive fabrics I cut into squares.

You can see that all of the pictures are kind of “before” but I assure you that all three are already finished quilt tops and I intend to entirely finish one quilt a month. That is one of my plans this year.


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