Temperature blanket CAL 2016

Some members of the Óriástakaró / Giant Crochet Blanket FB Group came up with the idea of making a temperature crochet blanket CAL this year.

201601 027 I loved the idea from the very first moment, so I’ve decided to join the challenge.

201601 012

201601 022

I made a colour chart using 19 balls of yarn. That’s all that is available in my area of this type of yarn.

201601 099

I crochet two rows every day, usually in the evenings. I journal the measured (not the forecast) minimum and maximum temperature in Celsius in my area, that is why I am a day behind.

201601 103

The blanket is 17 cm / 7″ long (or rather short) on the day 19. I guess that by the half time of the year I will reach the size of a usual blanket and after that I’ll start a new one and keep recording the temperatures untill the end of the year. At that time I’ll have two blankets that I intend to give to my twin girls.


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