Back on board

After three weeks without a computer I am back again. Our very, very old PC gave up working, and it took so much time until we finally found a “new” used one, upgraded with the latest softwares, that works well for us. Not to mention that our good old printer is no longer compatible with the new stuff so we have to purchase a new printer too.

But now back to sewing.

As it was not my intention to have a three-week-long break, I was eager to show you the progress I made during this period of time.

I finished the festive tablecloth and used up many of my Christmas fabrics, although I have enough left for another quilt. It is only a question of point of view that I am two months behind with this project or well prepared for this year and finished it ten months before the season.


I haven’t used batting, only the top and backing fabric are quilted together so it is very soft and doesn’t requires much space in the drawer where I keep the tablecloths.


For this table runner were the squares cut out some months ago. Soon it is going to be another finish.


You can see the abandoned wires waiting for the new device.


The Calico Rose (smaller one with 3×3 blocks) quilt is under hand quilting. I stitched in the dich around the blocks with the sewing machine and added the border too back in October last year, so it could be declared as a finished quilt but I want to hand quilt it with free hand stitching. I just waited for the right time to start and when I received this quilting frame from my friend I knew that the time came.


The first stitches.


I don’t use any marker to draw the lines, just enjoy the imperfections and cosiness of free hand quilting.


The stripy crochet blanket needs only a few more inches.


And at last the Temperature Blanket CAL 2016 in progress so far.


That’s all for now. Have a nice weekend and keep on sewing / crocheting.



5 thoughts on “Back on board

  1. Welcome back! šŸ˜Š You have a lovely Christmas tablecloth waiting for this years Christmas,I would say your early. šŸ˜‰ Wonderful projects, couldn’t make up my mind on if I like the scrappy star quilt or the stripped crochet blanket better…. So I just put them both on the like best list! Happy quilting!!

  2. Good to have you back! Love all pieces especially the star quilt – colours are amazing! – wish I had more time for my crafts …. March and June exams are eating my time … hopefully will find some time in the summer … šŸ™‚

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