Birthday pillows – Evelin & Eliza

Little One was invited to a birthday party earlier this month. It was her first party invitation since she attends to kindergarten. She was really excited and all the five of the four years old girls spent a good time together.

I made these personalized pillows for the birthday twin girls.


First I chose the fabrics. The funny printed fabric became the back of the pillows.


Spending some time with cutting the names and the other applique patterns.


Besides their names I appliqued their kindergarten signs.

DSCN3464 DSCN3465

Croissant and polka dot ball.


Absolutely my favorite part of the pillows – the croissant. Here in Hungary we have this kind of crescent shaped roll of bread that looks like as on the pillow. Croissant is a different term here and means for us the original French version of it.


I finished there cuties only the day before the birthday party despite of the fact that I had known the exact date a month before.


The twins love their new pillows I know for sure.


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