Aprons in use

It was more than two years ago when I decided to make aprons for my girls and me. Last year I was given some fabrics that belonged to an old lady who had died and her daughter thought I might would like and use the fabrics she left behind. I thanked her the parcel and after I washed and ironed all the clothes I knew I would make the aprons from these.

All my girls picked their favorites from the pile and here is the result.

DSCN3496The aprons are in use every weekend when we cook and bake together.

DSCN3623 Last time we made pancakes.


The Twins were baking…



… and Little One was filling the pancakes.


The best pancakes I’ve ever tasted!


4 thoughts on “Aprons in use

  1. Nice aprons,and really nice to see young girls in the kitchen.😊 Your pancakes are different than what we make. So how do you make your batter,and what’s the filling? I love to try different countries food.

    • Thank you, Deb, the girls are always ready for some cooking but they prefer cookie baking and eating above all 🙂
      I found a site containing the ‘original’
      Hungarian pancake (palacsinta) recipe. Here you can read it in English how to make the batter and what kind of filling we usually use. http://www.itshungarian.com/hungarian/recipes/pancakes/
      I make the batter a bit different,
      without milk and I mix the oil in the batter so I don’t need to brush the skillet for every new pancakes.
      My batter ingredients (for circa 30 pancakes)
      3 eggs, pinch of salt, pinch of sugar, 500 g flour, 1000 ml soda water, 100 ml sunflower oil.
      Please let me know whether you liked or not our pancakes after trying it out. Or I’d like to hear (read) your opinion after reading the recipe. 🙂

      • I almost forgot 🙂 I serve pancakes at home rolled-up with sweet filling (apricot jam, cocoa powder+icing sugar mixture, cinnamon+icing sugar). I hope I could give useful information to you that needed to have perfect pancakes.

      • This sounds good!! I’m thinking it is a lot like what we call crepes. We fill them with pudding,fruit and top with whipping cream or drizzled with chocolate syrup. My favorite way is fresh strawberries,vanilla pudding and topped with whipping cream served with coffee..😋 I going to give your way a try!! I like the idea of apricots and walnuts

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