Flannel scraps

I had a small shoe box full of soft flannel pieces I intended to use up, I only waited for some inspiration. From the largest piece of cloth I sewed a pillow case for myself but my girls tried to swap with me.


More interesting is the small quilt I made from 2.5 ” squares after I cut the shapeless pieces into squares. I saw somewhere a quilt named the Scrappy Trip Around the World and decided to make one myself too. (I am cutting all my scraps into squares to have enough to piece one myself.)


I can say this flannel quilt is a study where I can try out a pattern similar to that. I had to lay out the scraps several times because I had only a limited amount of the flannel squares.


I think it has a size of a small baby quilt but since no baby is on the horizon in the family I gladly gave it to Little One who asked me after finishing it whether I made it for her. Of course, I said yes. The size of the quilt is 60 x 75 cm, 23.5″ x 29.5″.


I also made six double sided cloth napkins from the bigger pieces.


Here you can see the cotton side of them.


My intention is to crochet pretty borders onto the napkins. One has been already finished. Isn’t it cute? It is really slow crocheting with a small hook, this is the first time I’ve ever crocheted with perlé 8 and with a so small hook. A new challenge for me but I like it.


Little One received some scraps for playing, and the rest, the remnants -see below – went to the trash.


Mission completed. One shoe box, previously full of scraps, emptied.

And at the end of the post I show you the visitors we’ve got for two days on our pond.


The girls are waiting for the return of the swans.


4 thoughts on “Flannel scraps

    • They spent only two days with us. There is a ‘bird friendly’ lake nearby where two whole small islands are dedicated to the birds and I think they found there a better nesting place where they are protected from foxes and other predators. Our pond is regularly visited by mallards and herons too, we are content with just observing them while they are here. 🙂

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