Hand pieced hexie quilt top in progress

I’ve been silent on the blog for a while for there are lots of things to be done. Outdoors is time for gardening, weeding, planting among others I enjoy very much except weeding. I love the colors of the flowers and the greens of the lawn and the trees. And after all the handwork I did during the days, in the evenings my hands are often too tired to do any sewing or crafting.


This week arrives our new pony, Laura, who we purchased from an old Mr. who love her but told us that he was too old to keep her any more. So Husband had been busy with making her new place where she’ll spend the nights. During the days she will be free and can graze together with the sheep. I promise to take some photos of them later this week.


In spite of the busy days slow but steady my small hexie quilt top is growing. Now and then I add some more pieces to the others.


DSCN3819 DSCN3486


One thought on “Hand pieced hexie quilt top in progress

  1. The hexie top is so colorful ,that will cheer up a cold gray winter day! A pony.. I know the girls are delighted!! Have fun working outside.šŸ˜Š

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