Hand print quilt – Teacher’s quilt

Summer is over, kids are back in school, the pantry shelves are full with jars of marmalade, jam, pickled vegetables, the chest freezer half full with frozen veggies and fruits, mostly harvested in our allotment. During the summer we worked a lot in and around our homestead and as a reward we made a family road trip to Germany and had fun with the kids.

Now back to sewing and quilting. Owing to the above mentioned reasons I had very little time for practicing my passion. When I had time I did some hand piecing or knitting in the evenings.


But now I show you some progress photos of the hand print quilt I made this spring and the recipient will have been using for months by now.

dscn3924  First I visited an art lesson in the school where I took all the children’s hand prints.


Then tried several layouts out until I found this appealing to me the best.



On the back I placed the name register, a quote, and an acknowledge, a short ‘thank you’ text in Hungarian for personalizing the quilt. Since she teaches literature and grammar too, I added some ‘spice’ by using a pink fabric marker ‘correcting the mistakes’ in the text.


Next time I show you the finished quilt.




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