Crochet hats and knitted Baktus scarf

In the last two months I started and slowly finished these winter hats and scarf for me.


I learned to crochet hats when I joined the needlework group I mentioned in my last post, so nothing could come into my way to make ones for myself. ( I’ve also received requests from my daughters and mom wants one crochet hat for Christmas too.)

dscn5067The grey one has a crochet flower that can be unbuttoned. But I like it better with the flower.
I was browsing through the web to find some very simple triangle shaped scarf pattern and I soon found Baktus (free pattern) on Ravelry.

dscn5071At the end I added a crochet lace border. I like it very much.


Knitting and crochet on good purpose

dscn4936 I participate in a needlework group where we knit and crochet on good purpose. Some ladies created this group two months ago. We gather once a month to share our knitting and crochet knowledge and make pretty things we can donate later.


Now our aim is to make little blankets, preemie hats and special amigurumi octopus for the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) in our local hospital. One of my newborn twins was in there for three weeks too, back then (eleven years ago).


So we decided to donate our needlework this Christmas to the NICU. We received special measurements requirements on the blankets and the amigurumi animals.

I made so far two baby blankets, two hats and four octopus that will be used in the incubators.



The purpose of the amigurumi octopus is that the little baby fingers should pick at the legs of the animal not the wires around them.


Simple stripes crochet blanket finished

In the last two weeks I used every spare time in the evenings to finish my crochet blanket.


Even unfinished could I wrap it around me, but after working on it for six month I would have liked it to see it finished.


After reaching the desired length I hesitated on the border. I tried out several colors and various patterns (I would like to have it perfect) at the end I decided to choose red yarn…


but it seemed so unfinished, so I gave the blanket a row of dark brown around the red border. The finished size is 112 x 178 cm, 44″ x 70″.


Now it is perfect and finished for me although a bit wavy on both sides. I hope it will flatten after blocking or I will unpick the border and make it again using a smaller hook size.


Two blankets for the two of us (Husband and me).

Back on board

After three weeks without a computer I am back again. Our very, very old PC gave up working, and it took so much time until we finally found a “new” used one, upgraded with the latest softwares, that works well for us. Not to mention that our good old printer is no longer compatible with the new stuff so we have to purchase a new printer too.

But now back to sewing.

As it was not my intention to have a three-week-long break, I was eager to show you the progress I made during this period of time.

I finished the festive tablecloth and used up many of my Christmas fabrics, although I have enough left for another quilt. It is only a question of point of view that I am two months behind with this project or well prepared for this year and finished it ten months before the season.


I haven’t used batting, only the top and backing fabric are quilted together so it is very soft and doesn’t requires much space in the drawer where I keep the tablecloths.


For this table runner were the squares cut out some months ago. Soon it is going to be another finish.


You can see the abandoned wires waiting for the new device.


The Calico Rose (smaller one with 3×3 blocks) quilt is under hand quilting. I stitched in the dich around the blocks with the sewing machine and added the border too back in October last year, so it could be declared as a finished quilt but I want to hand quilt it with free hand stitching. I just waited for the right time to start and when I received this quilting frame from my friend I knew that the time came.


The first stitches.


I don’t use any marker to draw the lines, just enjoy the imperfections and cosiness of free hand quilting.


The stripy crochet blanket needs only a few more inches.


And at last the Temperature Blanket CAL 2016 in progress so far.


That’s all for now. Have a nice weekend and keep on sewing / crocheting.


Temperature blanket CAL 2016

Some members of the Óriástakaró / Giant Crochet Blanket FB Group came up with the idea of making a temperature crochet blanket CAL this year.

201601 027 I loved the idea from the very first moment, so I’ve decided to join the challenge.

201601 012

201601 022

I made a colour chart using 19 balls of yarn. That’s all that is available in my area of this type of yarn.

201601 099

I crochet two rows every day, usually in the evenings. I journal the measured (not the forecast) minimum and maximum temperature in Celsius in my area, that is why I am a day behind.

201601 103

The blanket is 17 cm / 7″ long (or rather short) on the day 19. I guess that by the half time of the year I will reach the size of a usual blanket and after that I’ll start a new one and keep recording the temperatures untill the end of the year. At that time I’ll have two blankets that I intend to give to my twin girls.

Simple crochet blanket

This is the crochet blanket I spend my evenings with when my husband is working. The pattern is very simple and I change colours after various numbers of rows. No strict plan to follow, I only settled the colours I use. I started this blanket back in September and wanted to use the colours of autumn from the yarn stash I have.

201512 107 When daughters’ piano lessons started in September, I had to wait for them in the school. I found an old, worn but comfortable couch in front of the classroom and thought that I could spend the time waiting for my kids with crocheting. I didn’t want to carry the by that time long grown Cosy Stripe blanket so I started a new one. This one. After the colour scheme of the Cosy Stripe I wanted to work with warm colours and a simple pattern I can start and stop any time.

201512 108

I shooted these photos in the evening in poor light conditions and when I look at the picture I don’t know what I like on this blanket, but it happens with me everytime, when I sew or crochet something there is a point when I am questioning the whole process – does it look good, do I like it, is is worth to go on with it? – but at the end these uneasy feelings fortunately fly away and I am mostly happy with the result.

The inspiration came from this pillow I sewed some time ago.

201408 141

Cosy Stripe blanket finished

201511 185

The finished size of the blanket is 134 x 168 cm (53″ x 66″).

201511 187

After trying out several colours and patterns for the border I decided to keep it simple. Husband approved the finished version. I asked his opinion on every attempt I made on the border as it will be his at the end.

201511 188

I only realized later that the blanket is upside down on all the photos.

201511 190

Our reindeer and snowman are checking too.

201511 191

I’m just saying that meanwhile I started another crochet blanket….