Doll stroller cover

DSCN3553The doll stroller cover of Little One had poor quality and came unstitched. One day I surprised her with a new cover.


The old one I totally unpicked and used as a pattern for the new cover.


I like this one better and it is more durable of course.



Lavender cushions

This year all family members and close friends are going to get lavender cushions from me.

201510 121

201511 081

The lavender blossoms were collected and dried by my dear dad.

201512 059

I made more than 30 pieces of them and binded two together with purple ribbon.

201511 053


201511 073

My favourites are those three pieced from leftover scraps.

201510 117

201512 058

Some are yet waiting for to be ribboned.

201512 062

Doll diapers and other small things

Our Littlest attends to kindergarten, she is in the Hedgehog group. All the girls in the group like to play with dolls, I made therefore five doll diapers that the group is going to receive as Christmas presents. I asked the kindergarten teachers before and they found that it would be a wonderful idea.

201512 008

201512 039

201512 035

I made doll diapers before, you can see and find the source of the original pattern here.

201512 034

Besides I finished some small things that had been lying around for more than a year.

201512 030

The Santa needed to be stuffed. This time I used rice although it is a festive version of a bean-sack with which children can play. Last year I sewed more than 10 of them and this was the last one I haven’t finished. Unbelievable that I kept it as a UFO for a year, now it took me less than 10 minutes to stuff and sew the stuffing hole together.

The same happend with these other ornaments too.

201512 033

I also pieced a stuffed fabric cube for my cousin but forgot to take photos. I used the same blue and brown fabrics as I used here.

I have more plans to finish as many UFO-s as I can till X-mas and start the new year with clean and fresh mind and drawers. I know I have yet several quilts in progress but without the little distractions that these small unfinished items mean I will be able to focus on the other projects better. I wonder if there is a quilter who can say that she has no work in progress anymore and just has only one quilt she is working on at a time.

Gym bag mending

One day my daughter gave me her gym bag that had come unstitched. I have been pondering for days on what to do with it. I didn’t want to throw it away and buy a new one in the first place for daughter likes this horse patterned bag and what can be mended I do mend it if I can make it stylish and wearable afterwards.

201511 104

First I zig-zag stitched together the parted pieces, then cut two stripes – just to make both edges of the bag similar – and machine sewed a binding on each side like I would do it on a quilt.

201511 101

201511 107

Ta-dah! A shiny new gym bag!

201511 105

Cranberry and apricot jam

I promise this will be the last jam related post this year. The only reason I show you my jars of marmalade and jam because of the cute fabric caps I covered the jars with.

201507 090201507 093I selected fabrics for decorating the jars according to the colour of the fruits. This time cranberry received the blue ones and apricot the yellow caps.

201507 076I cut the fabric circles and the fabric needed for the storage bins at the same time. From the fabric remnants after cutting the circles I made some more hexagons for my scrappy hexagon quilt.

Bogi babájának varrtam / Doll diapers and clothes for Little One

201506 072Kicsi lányunk nagyon szereti babáját akit Emilynek nevezett el. Mikor Bogi még pelusos volt, néhány pelenkát elraktam, hogy tudjon vele később is játszani, mert Emilynek többek között mindig pelust is kell cserélni, úgy játszik vele, mintha a saját kislánya lenne. Mikor elfogytak a pelusok, és amikkel játszott nagyon megviseltek voltak és ki kellett dobnom őket, nagyon hiányzott neki a peluscsere művelete. Ezért varrtam neki ezt a két játék baba pelust, amit 2littlehooligans oldalán találtam. Nagyon egyszerűen elkészíthető, ötletes a  szabásminta, amit bármilyen méretű babára lehet igazítani. A leírás is nagyon jó és érthető sok képpel.

Little One loves her doll named Emily. She often plays with her among others diaper changing. When she was a baby and used diapers I saved some for her doll to play with but they were so worn I had to throw them away. She missed the diapers so much that I had to find something out. On the 2littlehooligans blog I found a sweet and simple pattern and tutorial that is adaptable for any size of dolls.

201506 065201506 069Két pelust varrtam, hogy cserélni lehessen őket. A pelus belsejéhez egy régi, nagyon használt pizsama felsőt használtam fel amit amúgy is ki kellett volna dobni.

I sewed two doll diapers so she can change them. For the inside I used up an old stained and worn pajama shirt I would throw away anyway.

201506 070Egy ujjatlan felsőből készítettem a baba nadrágját. Sajnos a szabásminta forrását már nem találtam meg így utólag. / From a sleeveless top I made trousers/pants.

201506 083A pelus tökéletesen illeszkedik. / The diapers fit perfectly.

201506 085Varrtam egy felsőt is flanel maradékokból, de a felső túl kicsit lett a babának, ezért Vilmos Körtére adtam rá. Vicces lett.

The sweatshirt I sewed from some flannel remnants turned out too small for the doll so I put it on William Pear. Looks funny, doesn’t?

201506 058Emily babával. / Little One with her beloved doll Emily.