Advent wreath wrapped in stripy scarf

This year I planned to make an entirely new design for our advent wreath.

dscn5105 I chose two balls of yarn from my stash and after measuring the wreath I knitted a striped rectangle in proper length and width, then covered the wreath in it.


Then I knitted separately a small striped ‘scarf’ with fringe I placed between the two candles in the front and decorated the wreath. All the little ornaments are fixed with stickpins.


The Santa Claus bean-sack was made last year.


Laura – our pony

On Wednesday Laura, our pony arrived. She is a very mild-mannered, children-friendly 6-year-old mare. She is still familiarizing herself with her new place and with us.


These photos were taken right after her arrival.


Since then we made the ground of her box comfortable with straw.



Her stable box is next to the Shropshire sheep’s, so she is not alone. We noticed that she started making contacts with the sheep.

DSCN4190  They are so lovely.

Changing threads

I’ve been trying to figure out how to finish – hand quilting – my Calico Rose quilt.
I machine quilted over the main sewing lines with stitch in the ditch and did the binding too, only one task remained: to add that final touch what hand quilting means.


First I started with fine white sewing thread but after a while I pointed out that the pattern is almost unrecognizable. Then I changed threads and tried another simple pattern around one of the star blocks. I didn’t liked it either.


Then I was looking for some inspiration and had found that simple, easy but eye-catching hand quilted rows of various colors of Perlé 8 embroidery floss.


A small paper bag of rainbow colored threads I purchased on this occasion. (I know it is a nice amount of threads but I have another quilts where I can use them up.)


No marking lines, I just try to follow the previously quilted line beside the actual row I am stitching.


The border will look something like this (not finished yet).

Now you know how I spend my evenings – after the kids are in bed – with this lovely quilt and enjoy slow stitching.


Aprons in use

It was more than two years ago when I decided to make aprons for my girls and me. Last year I was given some fabrics that belonged to an old lady who had died and her daughter thought I might would like and use the fabrics she left behind. I thanked her the parcel and after I washed and ironed all the clothes I knew I would make the aprons from these.

All my girls picked their favorites from the pile and here is the result.

DSCN3496The aprons are in use every weekend when we cook and bake together.

DSCN3623 Last time we made pancakes.


The Twins were baking…



… and Little One was filling the pancakes.


The best pancakes I’ve ever tasted!

Gifted quilts

As I was organizing my fabrics, notions, and sewing places and spaces and the wardrobe/closet where I keep the quilts not in use, I realized that I have far more quilts that we can actually use. And there are more quilts in progress that will increase the pile this year. Yes, it is very hard to part from my beloved quilts – although the two quilts went not too far – but I decided to give them away.

201512 333

The blue plus quilt went to my parent’s home, the green one went to my sister who now has got two green scrappy quilts (now enough to cover her and her husband). I gave her the first crocheted afghan I’ve ever made too.

I am happy to have homes for my quilts where they will be in daily use.

Simple crochet blanket

This is the crochet blanket I spend my evenings with when my husband is working. The pattern is very simple and I change colours after various numbers of rows. No strict plan to follow, I only settled the colours I use. I started this blanket back in September and wanted to use the colours of autumn from the yarn stash I have.

201512 107 When daughters’ piano lessons started in September, I had to wait for them in the school. I found an old, worn but comfortable couch in front of the classroom and thought that I could spend the time waiting for my kids with crocheting. I didn’t want to carry the by that time long grown Cosy Stripe blanket so I started a new one. This one. After the colour scheme of the Cosy Stripe I wanted to work with warm colours and a simple pattern I can start and stop any time.

201512 108

I shooted these photos in the evening in poor light conditions and when I look at the picture I don’t know what I like on this blanket, but it happens with me everytime, when I sew or crochet something there is a point when I am questioning the whole process – does it look good, do I like it, is is worth to go on with it? – but at the end these uneasy feelings fortunately fly away and I am mostly happy with the result.

The inspiration came from this pillow I sewed some time ago.

201408 141

Gym bag mending

One day my daughter gave me her gym bag that had come unstitched. I have been pondering for days on what to do with it. I didn’t want to throw it away and buy a new one in the first place for daughter likes this horse patterned bag and what can be mended I do mend it if I can make it stylish and wearable afterwards.

201511 104

First I zig-zag stitched together the parted pieces, then cut two stripes – just to make both edges of the bag similar – and machine sewed a binding on each side like I would do it on a quilt.

201511 101

201511 107

Ta-dah! A shiny new gym bag!

201511 105