My starflower – EPP

Sometime this spring I wanted to try out working with different shapes of EPP templates. I like hexies very much but this is something new.


I printed the templates first, then glued to the pages of an old big wall calendar and cut the pieces out.


Oh, yes, I’ve just realized that I am using the same fabrics again…. soon I’ll show you a place mat and a coaster in entirely different colors.



I had a strong conception on the pattern and fabrics I would use.


Although the result so far isn’t exactly that, what I imagined. I need more cheering bright colored ‘starflowers’.


Meanwhile my kids were designing some ‘scrappy trip’ quilt blocks.


Orphan block quilt – 3.

An almost finished quilt top on day 3 of assembling.


DSCN3168 DSCN3169 DSCN3170 DSCN3171 DSCN3172 DSCN3173 DSCN3174 DSCN3175

At the end of the assembling process the sun smiled at me too.


I love it soooo! It is my scrappiest quilt ever! Even when yet unfinished.

Orphan block quilt – 1.

In mid January on a Thursday I pulled out all the leftover blocks I had collected during my sewing years. It was high time for making something out of them. Not to mention that the process could have served as a therapy for my end-of-winter moodiness. Better said I felt a bit unconcerned and thought it would be useful to do something that provides some distraction from that.

So after finishing my housework and other tasks I started thinking about the layout of the blocks.


The whole process took me four days, during that time our living-room had hardly served it’s purpose for I don’t have any design wall so I occupied half of the room with the quilt.

I warn you that there are lots of photos of the process, so I intend to divide this topic into several blog posts.

Here are the pictures of part one:





Here I started sewing the blocks together and used my collection of stripes.


Next time I’m going to show you more photos.

Teacher’s Quilt

The twins are fourth grade pupils and the next year their class is going to get a new teacher. All of them – the classmates – really loves their present class teacher and it is hard to part with her.
At the end of the school year she is going to get a gift from the class. At the parent’s meeting I offered to make a quilt if the majority liked the idea. Soon a hand print quilt started to form in my mind and the other parents agreed too that I’m going to sew a quilt that will remind her for the four years she spent with our children.
It is a secret project, so I only show you the materials I actually use for the quilt, then in the summer I will show you the result.

The fabrics:

DSCN3330 DSCN3351

The fabric paints:


The first step, after preparing, ironing and cutting the fabrics, is to take the hand prints of the children.

Back on board

After three weeks without a computer I am back again. Our very, very old PC gave up working, and it took so much time until we finally found a “new” used one, upgraded with the latest softwares, that works well for us. Not to mention that our good old printer is no longer compatible with the new stuff so we have to purchase a new printer too.

But now back to sewing.

As it was not my intention to have a three-week-long break, I was eager to show you the progress I made during this period of time.

I finished the festive tablecloth and used up many of my Christmas fabrics, although I have enough left for another quilt. It is only a question of point of view that I am two months behind with this project or well prepared for this year and finished it ten months before the season.


I haven’t used batting, only the top and backing fabric are quilted together so it is very soft and doesn’t requires much space in the drawer where I keep the tablecloths.


For this table runner were the squares cut out some months ago. Soon it is going to be another finish.


You can see the abandoned wires waiting for the new device.


The Calico Rose (smaller one with 3×3 blocks) quilt is under hand quilting. I stitched in the dich around the blocks with the sewing machine and added the border too back in October last year, so it could be declared as a finished quilt but I want to hand quilt it with free hand stitching. I just waited for the right time to start and when I received this quilting frame from my friend I knew that the time came.


The first stitches.


I don’t use any marker to draw the lines, just enjoy the imperfections and cosiness of free hand quilting.


The stripy crochet blanket needs only a few more inches.


And at last the Temperature Blanket CAL 2016 in progress so far.


That’s all for now. Have a nice weekend and keep on sewing / crocheting.


Finished quilt tops

I was working on these three quilt tops during the holidays.

201512 344

This one is from kind of fleece fabric scraps. It rested in the closet for more than a year and only needed one row of border fabric on each side of it. No more than half an hour sewing and I had another finished top. Here yet without the final border.

201512 345

There are 2″ squares used in the quilt top, it can be a warm, soft baby quilt. I know it isn’t fashionable or something, I only wanted to use up all the scraps I had and designed this pattern. You can see the scrappy rows between the nine patch blocks. First I settled the center block then arranged the blocks row by row around the center.

201512 351

The second is one of my two Calico Rose tops – this is the larger, made of 16 blocks – this too needed to be bordered.

201512 353

Here I was trying to figure out what kind of border I’d like to make.

201512 180

201512 183

The third wants to become a festive tablecloth one day, I hope this Christmas. I started this back in early December planned to finish it in time but I haven’t succeded. No matter, this time I have one whole year for it. It is made from all of my festive fabrics I cut into squares.

You can see that all of the pictures are kind of “before” but I assure you that all three are already finished quilt tops and I intend to entirely finish one quilt a month. That is one of my plans this year.