Knitting and crochet on good purpose

dscn4936 I participate in a needlework group where we knit and crochet on good purpose. Some ladies created this group two months ago. We gather once a month to share our knitting and crochet knowledge and make pretty things we can donate later.


Now our aim is to make little blankets, preemie hats and special amigurumi octopus for the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) in our local hospital. One of my newborn twins was in there for three weeks too, back then (eleven years ago).


So we decided to donate our needlework this Christmas to the NICU. We received special measurements requirements on the blankets and the amigurumi animals.

I made so far two baby blankets, two hats and four octopus that will be used in the incubators.



The purpose of the amigurumi octopus is that the little baby fingers should pick at the legs of the animal not the wires around them.