Curious Cat quilt for J.

Last December I planned to make a quilt for my cousin’s little girl J. She is two years older than my Little One and we received many cute and girly outgrown clothes and outfits from her that became the favorites of Little One.

It was entirely a secret which I only discussed with the grandma of J. (the sister of my mother). She gave me three hints: 1. I should use my stash. 2. the quilt should have girly colors 3. some cats on the quilt if it is possible. I think I did my best and accomplished all three requests.


First the fabric pull. Since she is a big city girl I thought of something elegant, not so scrappy. I had some pink and grey fabrics, but my first choice was the one with the cats. It fitted perfectly in my conception. Pink-grey and with lots of curious cats on the streets of Paris with the Eiffel-tower.



Then I cut all the fabrics needed and made a simple square pattern since I hadn’t got more time till Christmas for a more complicated pattern.


The moment I realized that the backing fabric is 2” narrower than the quilt top. Oops!


After a short time I figured out to cut 1” along each side of the top. It was the easiest solution and the quilt remains wide enough for covering a standard single bed.


I added a funny backing fabric since she is only 7 years old.


The cats do look really curious, don’t they?



The quilt was finished just two days before Christmas and was a big surprise for the young lady.


The quilt is here held by the grandpa of J. who came to our pine(wood) plantation to choose their Christmas tree.